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October 12, 2009


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First of all – Thank you to everyone who has already so generously donated to Concern.  Although I’m covering the travel costs myself, it’s great to see my exploits generating much needed funds. (For those of you who are not quick on the pick-up – This is a hint:-).

Preparations are well underway – But in truth they should probably be nearly finished by now.  I’m still heading off solo as I’ve been unable to find anyone mad enough to join me (it’s the route and the time, not me  – honest!).  This creates some additional challenges.  I will have to be completely self sufficient.  That means bringing spares for the bike, tools (yes I do know how to use them), carrying at least 10 litres of water, cooking & camping gear etc, etc.

I’ve had the first round of vaccinations and started on the anti Malaria tablets.  The Doc warned me that a) I was heading into the highest risk area for Malaria and I will need to take the “strong” tablets and b) The “strong” tablets can cause “Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, agitation, halucinations, convulsions etc”.  Susan has been watching closely and she tells me she hasn’t detected any convulsions yet.  Hmmm.

Going solo also increases the risk  as there will be nobody to call for help if I get into trouble.  This is ok as far as Morocco, but mobile coverage disappears in Western Sahara and much of Mauritania.  So I will probably have to invest in a sat phone.  I will also try to hook up with other travellers for the more desolate stretches.

I’ve reassembled the bike after my practice crash on the N11 two weeks ago.  It took an age to get the parts and there is still some work to be done to make it ready for the Sahara conditions – But at least it’s back together.  This is what it looked like on Saturday.

Sick bike

Sick bike

And this is it this morning:

Fixed bike

 And Yes – It is running. 

Because I burst the LHS fuel tank in the accident and KTM had no replacment available until Feb 2010,  I opted for larger aftermarket tanks.  This will increase the range from about 300Km to about 650Km and will mean I wont have to carry petrol in Coke bottles through the Sahara.  I was told it was perfectly safe!


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